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The Swiggy Hunger Savior
Covid Relief Fund

As India tries to flatten the COVID-19 curve by entering lockdown, the importance of essential services such as food delivery is being acknowledged across the country. In times like these, our delivery partners are no longer just delivering convenience; they’re delivering a lifeline to the nation.

The Swiggy Hunger Savior Covid Relief Fund has been set up for the welfare of our delivery partners and their families. Any contribution you make will go a long way in taking care of those who’ve always gone the distance for us.

How the fund will be used:
Income Protection Insurance
Financial relief for delivery partners affected by COVID-19
Medical Coverage for Parents and Family
Compensation for medical expenses for self & family (parents, spouse and children), not covered by existing insurance policies
Essentials Care Package
Extending assistance in the form of food/medical essentials packages to financially distressed delivery partners
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Meet your hunger savior
Parvez - Kolkata
Swiggy Delivery Partner since 2016
“The panic and fear in Kolkata hasn’t been great for delivery partners here. Not all police personnel are aware that delivery partners are a part of the essential forces. So during the initial days of the lockdown, we were not able to deliver too many orders. But, precautions like sanitizers, gloves and masks are making it safer for us to deliver. And now, with the new lockdown pass in place, a lot of the earlier misunderstandings with authorities have been resolved. I am happy to be helping others in times like these by delivering food.”
Maresh - Bangalore
Swiggy Delivery Partner since 2015
“I feel immense pleasure in delivering food to people everywhere. I am happy that even during these tough times, I have a livelihood thanks to Swiggy. However, we have been getting fewer orders, because of which it is getting tougher and tougher to manage weekly expenses. I hope everything goes back to normal soon.”
Bapan - Kolkata
Swiggy Delivery Partner since 2019
“Now more than ever before, I am glad to be a part of Swiggy. It is one of the few organisations that hasn’t shut its doors on its delivery partners. Right now, I am the only family member who is still able to contribute financially to the household. People who are ordering food right now are people who genuinely need food and can’t get it any other way. I can’t appreciate Swiggy’s efforts enough.”
₹4,00,00,000 raised so far
Contributed by Swiggy founders, employees, investors and well-wishers.
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